We all know by now that anyone who remotely demonstrates support of the current Trump administration is bound to get severe backlash from the media. The most recent casualty is U2 frontman Bono, who met with Vice President Mike Pence during the Munich Security Conference. Yahoo news reported this headline: “U2’s Bono Shredded on Twitter for Praising Mike Pence’s AIDS Efforts”.

Mike Pence, as many other politicians have done, has made an effort to help eradicate disease in foreign countries by promoting programs that provide the funding to do so. One of these programs is AIDS assistance in Africa.

However, let’s make something clear: Mike Pence did NOT cause AIDS anywhere in the world (and just for the record, he probably never will as long as he continues a heterosexual relationship with his wife). All of the Twitter comments highlighted in the above mentioned Yahoo article were very nasty, as tends to be biased norm of Yahoo’s reporting. One Twitter user with the username @conorb1990 said, “The same Mike Pence who caused a massive HIV outbreak in the stated he governed? Sit down, Bono.”

Accusing Pence of causing a massive HIV outbreak is a huge statement. What fake news outlet did this Twitter user get his information from???

Mike Pence was involved in defunding HIV treatment in the state he governed before becoming Vice President. Plenty of people became upset and have blamed him for the causing “one of the highest HIV rates in the developed world”. However, the keyword here is DEVELOPED. People in the “developed world” have no excuse for not knowing AIDS usually results from sexual contact in a homosexual relationship. Also, AIDS treatment funding is not a right, it’s a privilege. Pence extended this funding to people in UNDERDEVELOPED countries who have less knowledge and understanding about the disease than the US. Whether or not people choose to abstain from sexual homosexual contact is not the fault of any other but themselves. Play with fire, you’ll get burned. Simple as that.

So what’s wrong with Bono? According to the media, he’s a “sellout” for acknowledging Pence’s AIDS treatment efforts in Africa. A dense fog of fake news is trying to cloud Bono’s reputation in supporting Pence. But nothing is wrong with Bono. He has not committed a single crime by supporting a man who tried to help people who don’t want to be helped.


Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage